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                                                                                      Jixin Han

Jixin Han
About me:
--Name: Jixin Han
--Nick Name: kalfazed
--Birthday: December 21, 1992
Research Project:
--The design of Multi-cycle processor based on MIPS(2011~2013)
--The development of security guarteed OS by programming language Coq(2011~2012)
--Research of the Haskell OS, solve the interface problems(2013~2014)
--Time reduction of compilation time by removing reduntant analysis(2016~2017)
--Fomal verification of automatically parallelized compiler(2017~2020)
--Durable Queue Implementations built on a Formally Defined Strand Persistency Model(2020~now)

Area of interest:
--Music: Saxphone, Piano. (I love the music played by Kenny.G and Richard Clayderman!!)
--Sport: Tennis, Hiking, Speed Skating, Swimming
--Game: Cube, Go, Falcom(I do love the story of their games!!!)

My labortory:
--Supervisor: Prof. Keiji Kimura
--Address: Green Computing Systems Research and Development Center, Tokyo, Japan
--Labpage: http://www.apal.cs.waseda.ac.jp

Contact me
---Personal Use:kalfazed@gmail.com
---Research Use:kalfazed@kasahara.cs.waseda.ac.jp