25th Anniversary LCPC workshop

25th Aniversary LCPC 2012 Memorial Photo25th Anniversary LCPC2012 Memorial Photo
at RIHGA Royal Hotel Tokyo
Sep.11 2012
25th Aniversary LCPC 2012 Memorial Photo25th Anniversary LCPC2012 Memorial Photo at
Green Computing Systems R&D Center
Sep.12 2012


The LCPC workshop is a forum for sharing cutting-edge research on all aspects of parallel languages, compilers and related topics including runtime systems and tools. The scope of the workshop spans foundational results and practical experience, and all classes of parallel processors including concurrent, multithreaded, multicore, accelerated, multiprocessor, and tightly-clustered systems. Given the rise of multicore processors, LCPC is particularly interested in work that seeks to transition parallel programming into the computing mainstream.

Specific topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Parallel programming models
  • Parallel programming languages
  • Compiling for parallelism
  • Automatic parallelization
  • Optimization of parallel programs
  • Formal analysis and verification of parallel programs
  • Parallel runtime systems
  • Task-parallel libraries
  • Parallel application frameworks
  • Performance analysis tools
  • Debugging tools for parallel programs
  • Parallel algorithms
  • Parallel applications
  • Synchronization and concurrency control
  • Software engineering for parallel programs
  • Fault tolerance for parallel systems
  • Adaptive compilation and optimization of parallel programs
  • Software techniques for accelerators (including GPGPUs)
  • Compilers for Multicores and Manycores
  • Power Optimization by Compilers
  • APIs for Homogeneous and Heterogeneous multicores
  • Compilers and APIs for Accelerators

Printable Version is HERE


The LCPC2012 post-proceedings for regular papers and poster papers
will be published in Springer-burg LNCS series.

Lecture Notes in Computer Science (www.springer.com/lncs)

Presentation slides of invited speakers are available here.

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